Short Stories, Poetry & Essays


Clean Windows. Short story. Windward: Best New England Crime Stories. Level Best Books.15 November 2016. Retelling the Lizzie Borden story.

Two Warriors. Free Novella with e-mail subscription. Young Inspector Farrugia. Winter Goose Publishing. 16 April 2016.

"Back in the Day." Short story republished for Paladins: a charity anthology. 26 February 2016.


"Ask Him". Flash Fiction. Postcard Shorts. 17 December 2015.

"Import Foreign Cultures Into Your Fiction". Essay in WU's Diverse Voices Series. Writer Unboxed. 26 July 2015.

"Beneficiary". Spelk. Flash Fiction. 15 June 2015. Waiting on hold with the insurance company.

"Miss Conduct". InkittIt's a new world. Mother runs it. Mutations & Data Running are crimes. Finn, a Genetics Crimes cop, is given a task: find Miss Conduct. Who is she? Why? Finn and Silas will find out in the Kill Zone.

"Jaguar King". Inkitt. Two young men return to the place of their birth, only to discover violence and their birthright.

"Don't Tell". Rogue: The second Anthology. Near To The Knuckle. Daddy's girl done wrong.

"Zombees". Big Pulp Press. Spring 2015. Small New England town experiences a strange new strain of bees.


"Little Fingers". Driftwood Press - Issue Three. Two Identical twins work in a mysterious war-time factory.


"On Noir: George Bailey Doesn't Live Here Anymore". Essay. Asbury Pulp.

"The One You Love". Aperion Review - Issue Four. Short story about the impact of tragedy, body image and eating disorder on one family.


 "The Angry Chair." Short story. Kaleidoscope. July 2013 edition.

 "Exile." A series of prose poems with a Cuban theme published in kill author Issue 17 February 2012. Audio file accompanies the online text. Republished Bombay Literary Magazine Issue Three - September 2013.

 Untitled poem. Love Notes, a Collection of Romantic Poetry. Vagabondage Press (January 2012). 

"The Rules (and Lack Thereof) of Writing" - Battered Suitcase. Essay.


 "Black Angel," a story that explores a nurse's personal engagement with cancer and treatment. It was published in the Fall 2011 edition of the Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review. 

"Dead of Night" is one sentence of 111 words. Winner of the inaugural ZOUCH Lit Bit Contest 2011.


“1967 East,” a short story about a young boy and his experience of the Newark riots, was published in Inman Review, Vol. 2, Spring 2010, 38-45. The Review is available at Harvard Bookstore in Cambridge, MA

 “Back in the Day” is a story about burlesque, murder, and friendship in Boston's old Scollay Square. This particular story was selected Runner-Up to the 2010 Fish Short Story Prize. Judge: Ronan Bennett.
The story appears in The Fish Anthology 2010 (editor: Clem Cairns). Fish Publishing: Durrus, Bantry, Co. Cork, Ireland, 54-65. The Anthology is available from Cork University Press.

A short story about a Nazi officer facing a court-martial for alleged insubordination, “The Road to Rome” appeared in The Copperfield Review Vol. 9, Number 2, Spring 2010, online.

 “La Santa Muerte,” a story about two young cousins, an injustice, and the Mexican death cult, is in 2010 December edition of Moon Milk Review. (Now called the Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review)

 "Courage's Corner," a story about family nostalgia that unmasks a family secret, while invoking the film Harvey and the World War II exploits of actor Jimmy Stewart, has appeared in Literary House Review, 4 Edition, November 2010, and is available on Amazon.